Our Mission

We are leaders in the art of Entertainment and craft of Training. And often, we find ourselves bridging a gap between the two industries. We affectionately call this bridge *tongue-in-cheek* EnterTRAINment™ –why not have a little fun while you learn? Or learn a little while you have fun? There’s no law against it!

At the core, we are storytellers. The power of a strong narrative and an eagerness to educate has driven our experience in journalism, documentary and non-fiction film, reality television, industrial marketing and corporate training for more than two decades.

Today, we see an exponential increase in demand for knowledge consumption — in volume, rate and form. Whether it’s a corporation who must adhere to compliance, a teacher who wants to engage and enchant his or her students or a modern audience who expects to laugh, cry AND learn — success goes beyond metrics or ratings (though of course those are important), it’s also measured in experience, emotional response and memorability.

Our unique crossover skill set allows us to weave entertaining storylines into training and deliver entertainment crafted to enlighten. In the end, we produce a product that is impactful, immersive, insightful, delightful, interactive, educational and, well, fun… like we said… EnterTRAINment™!

How we do it

Everyone wants VIDEO… so they say. But we ask, WHY do you want video? Just to watch? That’s old school. Not to mention, talking-head “lecture” style video is ho-hum and doesn’t add value. Really, you want video because well written, story-based video is engaging and delivers information quickly and memorably, that’s the real reason why! Here at th3rd coast, we’ve gone one step further and flipped the paradigm when integrating video with training. We don’t just add clips to ‘next-next-next’ slide-based courses… NO! In our design, the video experience is the canvas… it IS the training!”

Our Process


First, our instructional designers work with your team and the SME’s to determine learning gaps and how they can be solved. This is often a long process, but is perhaps the most crucial. Then our writers, designers and story producers begin to take that knowledge into the design process. For us this means thinking about the learner. Thinking how to engage him or her. How to motivate, how to entertain. So we incorporate our 30+ combined years in Television and Filmmaking into the process.


Again, once we have instructionally sound content (see below for our ISD process), our next step is to conduct our Audience Demographic Analysis to determine the most specific audience (and collect info to help us create characters) in order to devise the most real world scenario possible. As always, our primary goal is to ENGAGE viewers. We want them to acknowledge that what they are experiencing is different than normal training. We want them to be drawn in. We want them immersed. We want them interacting. 


To do this, we focus on creating courses with compelling characters, fully immersive interactive POV experiences, relevant scenarios and growing story arcs to provide a cohesive learning experience. When creating related courses for a specific curriculum, we extend the experience using series/course module arcs that build on each other from one to the next.  We want learners “tuned-in” to the experience in the same way you do with your favorite sitcom or TV show.


Adding interactive user experiences to video in the form of choose-your-own-adventure scenarios, gamification, Hyperextended Information™ & Impulse Retail™ provides opportunities for learners to merge their existing experiences with new information and test their knowledge in real world ways. Learners become engaged and actively participating in ways unlike any other training they’ve encountered.


Drawing learners into scenarios using the story based approach gives them hands on and relevant real world experience, enabling them to take what they know and apply it in a safe learning environment where mistakes are celebrated and encouraged because they help the growth of the learner.


In the past “entertaining training” had perhaps a negative connotation in the training world. But as training has evolved, and technology has become more ubiquitous, more and more trainers are realizing the difficulty in maintaining the focus of their students/employees.  Students appreciate elements of entertainment. In fact, nowadays they expect it. And when executed effectively through stories, these elements of entertainment will help ground learning objectives in memorable scenarios that help with learning retention and student participation.

Our solution to the problem

In Adult Learning: everyone comes to table with experience–the question becomes how do you standardize the learning? How do you compel the learner to care? And how do you “move” the learner toward the learning objective?
  • Sound Instructional design
  • Engaging story development
  • Interactive elements (and we’re not talking about clicking a next button, people!)
The foundation of our training organization, and the performance outcome of every training initiative we create, is fully reliant on the integrity of the instructional design. Our in-house instructional designers will work with your team to fully understand what the performance gaps are and how to effectively close those gaps to create high performing individuals.