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Branded Entertainment

As brands realized that strong content could be an effective tool to carry their message, we immediately leveraged our storytelling skills to create compelling programming driven by ad dollars. For us, it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities to express creativity while still achieving goals of brands. More importantly, it sets advertisers apart from the noise by providing delightful, relatable and sharable experiences to audiences that ignite conversations.

Warrior Tv

AFP Promo

On the heels of Free-skiing's success and popularity at the 2014 Olympics, we partnered with the AFP to create branded content highlighting the Association's top talent. This commercial played on ESPN at the opening of the AFP World Tour Finals.

STEELCASE- Language of Design

We partnered with Steelcase Inc., the global leader in office solutions, to create a three-part image and informational series featuring their highly-acclaimed industrial design team.

SnapChat – GoPro Pole Vault

As THE social platform for millennials, SnapChat had us create :10 Sponsor Snaps that would flow inline within their

We partnered with PivotTV and to develop a new revenue stream consisting integrated content in the form of 9 weekly on-air sponsored segments played during their nightly news show Take Part Live.

Bose / Spotify Art of Sound

We partnered with Bose and Spotify to create a web series that explores sound and music from a creative and scientific perspective.

Interactive Video

This is an exciting new space to be in.  It breaks the conventional “linear” flow of traditional television storytelling formats to create a 3 dimensional approach that really empowers the viewers/users and results in much higher “engagement” numbers. While not exactly the best solution just yet for the “Living Room”, recent numbers out on U35 viewers show that they consume programming 80% on devices vs the passive TV console and for this type of approach, devices are great because given the technology we’re using, the interactive nature of this style of presentation works on iPhone, Android, tablet, iPad, Desktop.


Kill Castle

This interactive Haunted Castle Mystery Game is based on a real castle in Ireland.

Alaska: Inside/Out

Experimenting with non-linear storytelling formats, we created multi-revenue streamed, immersive, user-choice-driven travelog show hosted by Discovery Channel celebrity Ariel Tweto.

The Office – Fire Saftey

A simple demonstration on fire safety using existing content from The Office episodes.


Though TV is going through some evolutionary growing pains, it’s still the beast when it comes to reaching American audiences. We got our start in television and continue to embrace, develop and produce for it. Whether it’s reality, commercial or promotional programming, we’re in it to win it!

Belle Tire Game Face

We produced this commercial to promote a campaign for Belle Tire that features a Facebook Augmented Reality Filter we also created.

Dark Horse Nation – History Channel

Th3rd Coast partnered up with History Channel to create a new original series Dark Horse Nation

Kahr Arms

Leading USA based manufacturer of high-quality concealed carry pistols, Kahr Arms asked us to create a series of spots to help showcase their history, beliefs, and innovative designs.

The Paper – MTV

My Life As Liz – MTV

New iPad App – WZZM 13 (ABC)

“While the brain watches a story, you’ll find something interesting–the brain doesn’t look like a spectator, it looks more like a participant in the action.”   -Jonathan Gottschall