Leveraging emerging technology to create immersive experiences


The layering of graphics or animation on top of your existing reality

Custom-made 3D models integrated in the regular environment

Creation of interactions with the 3D model

Links and shares on social networks

Use cases – demos, promotions, games, tourism, etc.


Full submersion in a Virtual World in which one can interact

Interactive 360 Video

Full 3D Gamified Learning Environment

Web Compatible and Responsive

Available offline via mobile & computer App

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A little bit of this…   A little bit of that…

Combination of VR and AR technologies

Immersion in a completely interactive virtual environment


Belle Tire & Red Wings

Love what you’re doing with the platform! It’s even more than we dreamed up.

~Facebook Spark Product Manager


As the leader in sports media coverage, Fox Sports Detroit was looking to expand their sales and marketing offerings to include AR, VR, and emerging technologies and needed a partner to help supplement their core broadcast offerings and create new revenue streams.


We partnered with Fox Sports Detroit to devise a full 360 campaign that integrated television, web, social media, and augmented reality to create increased value for the Detroit Red Wings, Belle Tire and overall audience. 


By merging the worlds of traditional media and augmented reality (AR) we were able to enhance fan engagement and vendor promotion through the #BelleTireGameFace Photo Filter sweepstakes.



“Being able to work with one group who quickly understood our goals, was able to work around our very fast time frame, and ensured our IT team had everything they needed was key to the success of our project. Plus, they’re a fun group!”

~Christine Powers, Corporate Marketing Programs Director at Haworth


A large office furniture manufac-turer wants to introduce a world-wide dealer audience to their mas-sive new showroom and product offerings. Most can’t afford to trav-el to attend the show in Chicago.

The challenge: How do we ex-pose ALL dealers to the same messaging, the same product stories, the same “experience” so they feel like they’re there? And what could be created in time to launch in conjunction with the opening of the showroom which won’t be complete until 2 days before the doors open.


Develop a realistic virtual re-ality representation of the full showroom. By creating most of the elements ahead of time in a 3D virtual world, we can expedite the post-photography workload in order to meet the tight turn-around deadline. The solution must be web based, easy to ac-cess, flawlessly representative of the showroom, and contain all branding and messaging “in-per-son” attendees will experience


Th3rd Coast worked diligent- ly with the team at Haworth to create a virtual version of the showroom including movement throughout the showroom, in- teractive product information callouts, narration, and naviga- tion… before the showroom was even complete! With many long nights, the team was able to de-liver the full interactive VR experi- ence IN PARALLEL with the grand opening of the live experience so remote viewers felt like they were part of the entire show



“The ROI on this VR training solution will be incredible. Working with the team at Th3rd Coast was easy and fun. And the end result blew us away.”

~Brett Linton, VP of Manufacturing


Employees within this Biosciences organization often are required to wear various levels of aseptic protective gowning before entering certain parts of the company. The process and technique of applying this protective gowning is time consuming to teach and often results in contamination to the gowning or to the environments themselves costing the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.


To create more immersive training that teaches the correct process and technique for applying aseptic gowning materials faster, without error, and ultimately without contaminating themselves or the environments they work in.


By creating a VR Oculus Rift solution, we were able to give employees a fully immersive experience where they were able to choose AND apply protective garments… guiding and testing them throughout to ensure proper process and technique… all within a “safe place”. Full body control and gamification elements drive the immersive and interactive learner experience.



“Using augmented reality is such an amazing way for our customers to visualize Trendway products in their spaceOur dealer sales teams are thrilled with how easy it is to drop furniture into the space to combine, configure, move around and share with the customer. We’re really excited about this tool.”

~Nancy Stryker, Director of Marketing at Trendway


Dealer sales needed a way to showcase their product line with clients to help them visualize how their furniture worked in their current space. 


We designed and packaged the client’s entire product library in one app so dealers could utilize their mobile device to demonstrate to customers how their product would look right in their space. 


Developed an Augmented Reality product visualization tool that dealers could take with them anywhere. 



“Working with our Th3rd Coast partners has opened a new and innovative perspective on learning through the use of AR/VR technology. If you are looking for a partner that is capable of being innovative and ground breaking, Th3rd Coast is the company you want to work with”

~Brett Linton, VP of Manufacturing


Limited experts on technical machinery and no employee cross-pollination from machine to machine. 


To cross-functionally train multiple employees on various intricate equipment. 


Developed an Augmented Reality “CHEAT-SHEET” just-in-time training.

AR – VR – 360 Video

At th3rd coast, we are always looking to be disruptive and find the best solutions for our client’s requests. Augmented and Virtual Reality are the new frontier in which we are actively creating amazing experiences. We take pride in being the best West Michigan Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Company. Change the way you interact with the world around you.

ATLAS Space Show Booth Experience

360 video is great way to bring people into your booth remotely to experience it first-person. Viewers can learn about the technology as well as download and read marketing materials.

Jameson Mixed Reality Experience

Augmented reality is the perfect technology to create hands-on training and teaching experiences. In this module, the learner can watch a tutorial and then implement the knowledge immediately.

Haworth Mixed Reality Experience

This video mood board was created for the famous furniture trade show, NeoCon, as a marketing piece to show Haworth’s commitment to wellness.

Jameson Virtual Reality Experience

This immersive experience allows visitors to step inside the authentic Jameson distillery in Dublin, Ireland to learn how to make the perfect cocktail, how the whiskey is made and more.


This 'Augmented Reality' demo showcases an enhanced sales tool for ATLAS Space, where the company can use it's logo to launch a virtual model of their satellite system.

Trendway Augmented Reality App

“VR is going to be defined by the content that is designed explicitly for virtual reality.”   -Palmer Luckey